Monday, September 03, 2007

2 Legit!!! Dancing


Anita said...

I Miss ur Videos!!! Glad I have all of them on VHS, and I can watch anytime I get ready.

U are so needed back on the TV screen!

Ur Friend,

Kristen said...

Hammer you rock.

Sharon said...

AWESOME..Michael who?

Vanessa said...


I have Hammer's videos on VHS to. It is good to go back and watch from time to time. Whatever happen to good rap videos?

Anita said...

Vanessa, I don't know, videos are all the same these days. At least with Hammer you was anticipating his next video to see what he was goig to do next. Because you knew it would be different than the last video, u know.

Hammer, hammer we need u to "Bring the Noise"!

North said...

Rockin' with the BEST!!

South Union said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BigBill said...

Here's a longer video from the same show.

Lise Richards said...

Ok this got me going tonight! Love your blog!

alyceclover said...

This reminds me of living in Bangor, PA, my daughter's off on their own, so just my son and I living alone. After a hard days work, I watched the music videos and could not watch you enough. Love this song as well. But the dancing, wow.

Years pass and although I promised my daughters I would not embarrass them anymore by doing what I called my "fake hip hop" learned from trying to emulate you and a few others, I did. At my son's wedding when his friends from the Bangor days begged me to get out on the floor. What fun.

Thank you so much. PS: My daughters are more into sports than dancing, but, yeah my son was practicing his hip hop moves too.

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