Wednesday, June 27, 2007

HOTOLA!!! organically hot music!

Flash Back!!!
Sly And The Family Stone


North said...

Oooh yeah!! Nice treat, MC!!

YOU put the hip in hop, and Sly put the funk in rock!!

Been a big fan of ya both, for years!! : )

Breaks my HEART, that my EX, got to keep all our albums.. siggh...would LOVE to have yours and Sly's again... and my Stones, Beatles, Grand Funk, all them old groups... whahhhh

tnx for the sweet treat!!

Pamalicious said...

Nicee! Just wanted to stop through and let you know you were sorely missed at the BET Awards tribute to James Brown. I thought Public Enemy was good in terms of showcasing his political side, but they should have had you showcase his entertainer side and make a nice merge of the many sides of a great man.

Take care!

Anita said...

Pamalicious, I was thinking the exact same thing! Definitely needed Hammer to show off that fancy footwork!!!

Vanessa said...

I agree too!!!