Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hammer Fathers Day Commercial

Love It!!!!


Maya Papaya said...

I've seen it several times! I love it too - and I'm going to look for it for my husband for Father's Day.

That's a really cool card and commercial.

North said...

I love it toOOo!! Absolutely PERFECT, MC!

Brilliant, brilliant!

Is there a way, for me to post the video-tube on my, myspace??

with loving kindness,

Vanessa said...

I saw this commercial for the first time on TV yesterday. I Love it!!! Happy Father's Day Hammer.

Ben said...

I had never seen this commercial until now... it's hilarious!!

And I actually did buy this card for my Dad about 10 days ago. However, we're going to cover up the remote control with a picture of a computer as my pops is more of a PC-junkie than a TV-junkie!!

John L. Wright said...

Bravo, Hammer!

SherryM said...

I like it too.

irreverend fox said...

you are an icon MC! it's all good!

Anita said...

Yes, when I first saw it I was thinking I wonder have Hammer seen this. The guy actually did a great job on the dance moves.

Jenifer - Young, Gifted & Black said...

Hammer, I LOOOOOOVE this commercial...I told my husband to run into the room and take a looksee!

yeah, break Hammer off!

ProUSA said...

Man I Love that commercial, too Cool!

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