Friday, June 08, 2007

A Broken Heart..........

What comes from a broken heart? I've seen a lot of the residual affects of a broken heart in my lifetime. At some point I had a broken heart. God healed it with love and Patience. Jesus wept. From a broken heart. Those who love passionately are susceptible to a broken heart. Has your heart ever been broke?

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North said...

I don't think anyone goes through life without their heart being broken too often.

Mine, is like crackle-glass

Yet, within each fragment; is the whole heart, endearing, and enduring; the way it was made to.

When fear has corrupted ones peace of mind; they are doomed to darkeness's falls. Denounce fear, and become liberated. Christ Jesus, promises us, this freedom of choice and will.

God Bless, the liberty given us...