Monday, June 18, 2007




North said...

Wow, MC--this sure pulls at the heart-strings; making us aware of how fortunate we are in Canada and/or the United States!!

with loving kindness,

North said...

A poem I wrote in 2000--about starving children in our world of adults. The picture of the emaciated child, just kills me to see..what we allow on earth! : (


I saw a child today,
crying from hunger and pain.
She lay there curled up
like a ball;
oblivious I was there, at all.

I watched her tears
as they'd swell;
from haunting eyes,
then they fell.

I wanted to reach out
to embrace;
and offer, to take her place.

What happened next suddenly is,
she stopped when she noticed me;
then she wiped a tear from her eye;
lifted her hand and said: "hi."

Then, she asked
if I'd like to stay,
and she'd split her rice,
two ways.

DDS 8-15-2000

MC Hammer said...

Beautiful North

BigBill said...

The video asks, "What can do to help these people?"

First step - fully realize that they are people, real flesh and blood, a human that hurts --- just like us.

Genocide triumphs when good men only send aid

Ready to share a meal in person, with real flesh and blood? Invite them to be a real brother, sharing all?

-Always Looking

North said...

Thanks MC!

BigBill--good points!

A Unique Alias said...

You know, I was just thinking today that 80% of the country who was making so much noise about that tragedy two years ago have just stopped caring, so they can talk about Global Warming. :-(