Monday, June 18, 2007


put this on blast!!!


Mike said...

Hammer -- Saw this in the LA Times last week and was appalled. Glad you picked up on it and are sharing it with your readers. Apparently Public Enemy had it right when they sang "9-1-1 is a Joke"......

That's no way to treat people, especially in a life-and-death situation.


Anita said...

Yes thanks for sharing this story with us maybe there was someone who missed this on the news. But this is no way to treat people that are in a hospital trying to get help from the doctors and nurses that are there.

Of course the first 911 operator was very rude and inconsiderate to the situation. The other 911 operator at least told them that they need to call the police on this matter.

And I hope justice is served in this case, no I'm not a judge or one to judge, but I don't believe the hospital needs to be shut down, because the community needs the hospital there. I think the doctors and nurses that were on duty that day should be charged with sometime of criminal act.