Saturday, June 16, 2007

2008 Is Today



Dcaf said...

Hey Mc! Saw you on Fox today. Wondering if you were on there because you are making a new album or if its some other occasion.


Billy Joe said...

Hi Hammer,

This is the first time I have visited your blog. I used to have some of your early music though and am sort of a fan.

I can't get the Rudy videos to work but I'm guessing you put them up because your a Rudy supporter?

Rudy is being considered Presidential material largely because he was filmed walking thru the ground-up rubble of the WTC on September 11th. Why was he walking thru the rubble? Because he stupidly placed the NYC Emergency command center inside of the most popular target in the most targeted city in the US. That's a spectacular failure in judgement, if you ask me.

So was his push to get the mobbed-up Bernie Kerik nominated to run the Department of Homeland Security.

Come on man, you know this stuff.

Dcaf said...

billy joe, dont be hatin rudy. You didn't see that attack coming and neither did he. And i would beg to differ that it was the most popular target in the U.S.


Bret Moore said...

Rudy wants to turn this country into his personal police-state. Let's hope Senior Hammer is highlighting the fact that Rudy is a horrible choice.

MC Hammer said...

My point is to take a look 2008 Today!!! start your research now!!
the race has begun. I remain undecided. Earn my vote!!