Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day: Why Can't We Live Together?

I am moved to new fresh tears of sorrow and pain as I watched this video from my," Too Legit To Quit" album. The thing that hurts the most is I made that song before there was an," LA Riot" and after the succesful,"Please Hammer Don't Hurt'em Worldwide Tour". I have always taken great gratification in knowing that my spirit stays connected to the pain and condition of the people, to the common man. It is my burden and my joy. My purpose.

While my dance and visual arts have always brought joy to millions (by the grace of God), songs like,"Help The Children, Pray, Do Not Pass Me By, Going Up Yonder, Keep On, and other socially inspired songs that I made have brought me my greatest joy. I felt in my spirit at that time that the our country was headed towards civil discord and division, as I feel in my spirit today even more. The duration (time in years) of the current war, combined with declining educational opportunities, economically driven incarceration, lack of hope and never ending poverty, is nurturing a new generation and culture of violence. This culture of violence will know no boundaries and will include race, gender, sexuality and religion. We must end this war, bring our Troops home and deal with the ills of our society and the frustration and pain of our families here in America.


Vanessa said...


You made a good point! This is exactly what my family and I was discussing yesterday over our Memorial Day gathering. Let continue to pray for our troops safe return home.
Like you say in your song: " We have to Pray just to make it today."

Anita said...

I was just graduating High School during the L.A. riots. And it broke my heart then just as it does now. It was a sad time for America.

I have always enjoyed your more inspirational songs you have done, and I remember you saying that you made sure you always had at least one song per album giving us hope to all of the trouble that was going on in the world.

I must say I am in agreement with you to bring our Troop homes, I support the troops but not the war! Touchy subject for most, but enough of our men and women have died, Bring our Brothers and Sisters Home!!!

Gaurav said...

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North said...

Dear MC< I am truly touched by your deep thoughts, lyrics, and genuine concern for our brothers and sisters dying overseas.

Urban crisis is on our doorsteps, and I see government doing nothing to aide with making peoples lives easier in Canada and the US.

As a woman on disability, living 30%+ below poverty level; I dare to question "WHY?" I feel helpless and hopeless; and regardless of education, illness and dying; we are left to an undignified life... and there is just something wrong with my having to live this way, just because I have disabilities preventing me from working.

I resonate with out troubled brothers and sisters; and WITH them; continue to pray for hope, as an only source of comfort or/and rescue from this misery.

Peace be with you and ALL!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you are real. I've seen, heard and read a lot about you, Hammer, and I've always felt you were a man of integrity all the way. Yes, wouldn't it be a dream come true if our troops were to all come home and we could concentrate on the improvement of our own small towns and forgotten communities?
Thank you.

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