Saturday, May 12, 2007

Congratulations!!! Neshea

My baby sister graduated from UNLV today. The family and I are proud of
From my sidekick


North said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS NESHEA!! Sharing in this joyful celebration; by submitting my "graduation" news article which was published.

Neshea--in lieu of your graduation, may the universe conspire with you, to manifest your dreams!!

The below is an article I wrote; post grad, as I was the College Newsletter, Chief Editor. : )


Since the beginning of humankind, we have, from generation to generation embarked on long journey's to the unknown tomorrow. We have taken all, that was learned by our forefathers and carefully set forth rules, regulations and codes of conduct in which to conduct ourselves according to society's expectations.

Each generation has become a new voice. Each change for the better has come from those who believe in speaking with that voice. We call these people graduates. We are the movers and shakers of each generation gone by, and yet to come. We have come a long way since our childhood of yesterday.

From the first day of school at age 5 or 6, we have been shaped, formed and molded. With our first hesitant step into the school of knowledge, there is no turning back. For most of our lives, we live to learn, and then in all due turn, we learn t live. The process of learning never ends.

From grade school to high school, we become functioning adults, each holding tight to our cloak of knowledge as our suit of armor. We develp trhough our learning and experiences. that is what makes us all individuals.

Is is in college/university however, we learn to cut apron strings and gain a somewhat secretive knowledge of responsibility and how to balance them with school. In time we learn to juggle our school lives with our much-ignored family and friends. Juggling is an instrumental learning device. If you don't learn it, you are doomed!

Like a rude awakening always is, we become stressed out. We exist solely for the purpose of learning facts. We are principled and concepted to death. Sleep deprivation only adds to the anxiety of our very being. Our studen loans run out, and now we must learn to cook!

In all fairness to processive learning, and unbeknownst to us, we develp natural tools. We become confidants of our fellow burned-out classmates, and bond through mutual admiration and determination. We use the facts we are still learning and slowly and quite unwittingly, we mold them into stepping stones. We build bridges of experience, that can never be burned.

And so, armed with these new tools and stepping stones to help guide us, we cross the bridge of unrelentless demands and find a semester just went by. We praise each other for a job well done. We are proud and survived. Our teachers brace themselves for the next semester while we celebrate. We dance the soldiers' dance of victory, and whoop and hollar. No longer feeling so self-critical and drained, we are rejuvenated with gifts of confidence, accomplishment and honour. We share battle stories and grades with our classmates. With our new-found power, we endeavor to perservere. We stumbled, we fell, we pick ourselves up against all odds.

Then, another semester goes by, two, four, six. Then, a year, two years, three. Feeling much like battle-wear and forgotten soldeirs once again, we reach the end of that long road we took at age 5 or 6 on our first day of school. The shool where we entered as children, and emerged as men and women. We survived the madness and self-sacrifice.

As we should be revelling in our achievements and rewarding ourselves handsomely for our efforts, we begin to have feelings of dread. It is a time of self-doubt and the realization that we have a new bridge to cross. One that will take us to retirement day.

We have careers to start. It is time to start putting all the facts, principals and fundamentals and concepts into beneficial practice. Resumes must go out, correspondances returned and acknowledged. We are graduates today. We embark on a new voyage.

But, if we could, just for a day, let us not worry, let us begin anew after we have expelled the old with celebration. To our teachers, we thank you for your patience and guidance. To our classmates, thank you for your support and friendship. To our families and friends, thank you the most, for your love, support, encouragement and patience. Thank you.

DDS(June 19-1998)

Vanessa said...

Congratulations Neshea what a blessing and a honor to receive a degree of such higher learning.

Anita said...

Congrats Neshea!!! I wish you much Success!

Jenifer - Young, Gifted & Black said...

great job! Tell her to keep on going, more degrees to get. You can never be too smart.

Anonymous said...

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