Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grammys, Mary J, and Gayle King

The Grammies were a blast! The party's more so than the show itself. Like all great events the build up in most cases surpass the actual event (see Super Bowl). The party of parties this year goes to the Mary J. party that was thrown by Will and Jada Smith in honor of Mary. Who's who was in the house! The setting, the ambiance, and the joy in the air was electric. Chris Tucker and I joked around, Mary J her husband and I danced, and Vivica Fox and Mario and I took it back to the old school. Vivica looked marvelous! Stevie Wonder held court and Tyreese and Nick Cannon was holding it down for the young bloods. Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow and the So So Def family was in the house as well. I chopped it up with with Judge Mathis and got a little dance in with my old friend Jada. The list goes on and on.

Just when I thought the party was over and while everyone was leaving, I went to grab one last glass of water and I was suddenly approached by this lovely woman in a gorgeous black dress. She complimented me on my dancing and said she had no idea I could still move like that. I thanked her and then she promptly introduced her self as Gayle King. I told her I know whom she is and I knew from the moment she walked up to me. The room was basically emptied at this point and I began to engage Gayle in a detailed conversation about me and how I think she has a misunderstanding of who I am based on a quote from her that I once read. Well, we talked for an extended period of time and I found Gayle King to be a wonderful woman. She allowed me to express my opinion and never did she lose eye contact or drift away. She got me. I went from venting to admiring this brilliant woman. She disarmed me with the windows to her soul, her deep dark eyes. There was something there that I couldn't shake. They gave me the warm feeling one would get from an old trusted friend. So I let go and offered my hand and heart in friendship to Gayle. The world may never be the same. The beautiful thing is we may not agree and see everything the same way but we both have our honest opinions and have an ear to hear.


Brenton said...

That is fantastic Hammer, i love to read things like this. you have an artistic an sincere quality in expressing things


shinobu said...

a lovely little story, Hammer. Never know what someone really thinks until an actual meeting. What's more, when you meet physically, two hearts could meet...

North said...

Dear MC--wow! I can only fantasize, what it would be like to meet the Smiths!! Love, Will, since his Fresh Prince days... he's one talented man!!

Now, meeting MaryJ Blige!! wowzers!! I don't normally fan-drool; but, she is the best at the Grammy's this year!! One classy lady...

totally awesome, that you and GK, got to have such a great heart-to-heart chat...

destiny, fate--what a machine!!

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