Monday, January 08, 2007


Sean Sullivan (Chairman of Pinnacle) and Hammer are planning some
exciting things for 2007 stay tuned.

From my sidekick


North said...

Congrats on the exciting things to come, MC!!

HI Sean Sullivan!

with loving kindness,

Anita said...

2007 is your year Hammer. I think I might just be more excited than you! LOL :)

U are a TRUE Business Man!!!

Keep doing what u do!


Brenton said...

Hammer you are getting us all excited and i think poeple that thought you were gone are going to be very surprised


Deron said...

I don't get it, Hammer. If you like hanging out with white guys, well, I'm whiter than this guy is. And I bet he didn't offer even once to let you live in his basement.

I may not be the chairman of some huge golf company, but at least I'm hospitable.

Crnk Mnky said...

The guy in that photo is probably with Pinnacle Systems. They specialize in digital video editing.

That's just my guess, seeing how Hammer was at the Consumer Electronics Show, not the sporting goods manufacturers' conference...

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Jennifer Granju said...

Hammer you are getting us all excited and i think poeple that thought you were gone are going to be very surprised Brenton

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