Saturday, November 25, 2006

High School B-Ball

The boy's hoop'n it up for the holidays. Go Bulldogs!
From my sidekick


Happy Thanksgiving to all. This has been a great year for my family and business. I remain excited about the transition that the music industry is currently going through that equates to new opportunities and business models as well as creative control and freedoms.

My son Sammy completed his last scheduled operation last week and is doing very well, all glory to God and thank you all for your prayers. He is a strong soul and so full of love.
Be safe and enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dancing With The Stars

I'm so happy for Emmitt!!! He deserves to be the winner. He worked
really hard and I enjoyed all of his dancing including his "Hammer
performance". I just finished an interview for Good Morning America
which Emmitt will be on tomorrow.
From my sidekick

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Our War For Urban Domestic Peace"

For New Years, I will declare war for "urban" domestic peace. We are at
a critical stage in Americas inner-cities. We must address the problems
and build solutions. We cannot hide from nearly 400 homocides in Philly
and the combined thousands in other cities throughout America. I will
use all my platforms and relationships to fight for peace. Situation
critical. I will seek a word from heaven. War has come to our
From my sidekick


I treasure my right to vote. I despise those who take my vote for
granted. The issues that my community continue to face, (violence,
poverty, incarceration, no hope, unemployment, access, education,
digital divide..etc) are issues that will be "party breakers" in 2008.

From my sidekick