Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Our War For Urban Domestic Peace"

For New Years, I will declare war for "urban" domestic peace. We are at
a critical stage in Americas inner-cities. We must address the problems
and build solutions. We cannot hide from nearly 400 homocides in Philly
and the combined thousands in other cities throughout America. I will
use all my platforms and relationships to fight for peace. Situation
critical. I will seek a word from heaven. War has come to our
From my sidekick


North said...

Awesome cause, MC!! It is a tragic shadow of a nations ignorances to the plights of poverty, poverty-parenting in particular; and lack of community peace.

Maybe if government stopped wasting so much money warring; it would start to save it's own people instead.

Absolute admiration from me to you MC, for the position you have taken, to make a difference.

God indeed, listens

with loving kindness,

North said...

TIP: being as I took graphic design in college; and marketing; I would suggest changing the theme to: "Urban Peace", b/c in short, it spells "UP" (wink.)

just my educated opinion on title-impact....

with loving kindness,

Brenton said...

Hey North great to see we have another Graphic designer in kingdom. I am also a graphic designer and think thats a great title enhancement.

MC Hammer said...

good idea North."Urban Peace"

MC Hammer said...

homicides. I had a typo.

Brenton said...

Hammer how are the new mixes coming along?

Anita said...

"I will use all my platforms and relationships to fight for peace. Situation critical. I will seek a word from heaven. War has come to our doorsteps".

Hand claps 4 u Hammer, thanks 4 being such a positivie role model for our kids. And continue doing what u are doing. God gave u a very special gift 4 a reason and I'm sure u will get the answer u are looking 4.

Every opportunity God gives u to change someone's life u should do it.


Prophesizer said...

Amen to that Hammer. I also stand behind you man because we truly need it in Urban America. So many issues domestically, from poverty, violence, human neglect, and the ignorance that causes the continuous tragedies out here need strong leaders to deal with them. Your path be blessed.


North said...

Thanks MC, Brenton!! I wasn't sure, if I would be stepping over a respectable boundary or not here...

UP is the only direction to go(wink)

All the power to you and your team, MC... there is a deep cry in the wilderness of mankind's neighbourhoods, our families are hurting, hungry, desperate; and you heard it.... you moved on it.

I bow in your direction... palms together.

with loving kindness,

Brenton said...

I'm glad mc hammer made this blog available for all hammer fans to comunicate. it's great to share with one another and the MC Himself

masterblaster said...

Its easy to talk about peace, especially if you have no idea about war

Lazman said...

The violence on the East Side of Saginaw, Michigan has been perpetrated by the under-18 crowd. It's amazing the amount of pain and suffering the 14 and 15 yr. olds have inflicted on the Mothers in this town.

North said...

It is a social dis-ease, lazman. Masterblaster--even children have an idea about war--and that is, stop it! (gentle smiles)

Tradicly, it is we adults, whom corrupt society; but, one place, we can all maintain a non-corruptable mandate--is within our own minds and hearts.

When we congregate within our own sense of self; there is the peace, there is the intent, there is the "sign" of eternity for mankind.

Our one, own thought; can cause a ripple, or a one can choose, will my "thought" be positively or negatively inclined?

Free will, gives us the "only true" freedom.

with loving kindness,

Deron said...

All I know is, it would be awesome if MC Hammer were to come live in my basement. I'm in Canada, and basement living has become the height of the new social scene for over 80% of the well-to-do in North America.

Kristen said...

It's great to see someone who can influence others in a positive way using thier popularity and fame to do so.

Frank said...

Holy shit, I cant believe this nig is still alive. No one could sport parachute pants like you bro. And to think you still have fans that actually read your blog, simply amazing.

This life of mine said...

Hey Hammer,
Couple of things here. Luv ya, luv ya blog. I'm not a big Dancing w/ the Stars watcher, but I happened to catch Emmitt Smith's performance last night. Did you? If so, what did you think of Emmitt's Dancing w/ the Stars performance? I thought is was great. He even had the infamous "Hammer pants". He's no you, but he held it down(SMILE). Keep up your blog n' God bless.

hotpink said...

AMEN! We must all band together to stop the violence in our communities. As with any change we know that it's so hadd to teach an old dog new tricks. It's typically best to start with the youth. We must do what the bible says in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
We must set examples with simple things like refraining from buying toy guns, monitoring television exposure to violence in movies, music videos, & TV programs. We msut educate our children to be loving and peaceful. We must break the current cycle by reshaping the minds of our future.

lloyd said...

100 Men Take a Stand’s purpose is to engage African American men in preventing domestic violence. We believe that: 1) As groups, men are generally uninvolved in efforts to prevent domestic violence; and 2) Men have an incredibly important role to play in preventing domestic violence. Our project invites men into commitment and action, and provides ideas of what men can do. The beneficiary’s are community members, men, women and children who experience less violence.
100 Men Take a Stand Activities: We promote community norms and support actions discourage domestic violence. Activities include: Placement of articles, paid advertising, and radio interviews in vehicles that reach the African American community. Promotion of domestic violence and family strengthening resources that are already serving the community. We engage those who make referrals for domestic violence services – e.g., faith community leaders, school staff, social workers, etc. through People Connecting with People Luncheons – opportunities for those who refer the domestic violence to get to know the people who work hands-on with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Annual recognition of men who have made a significant contribution to promote healing and healthy relationships in the Twin Cities African American Community.domestic peace blog

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