Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mobile, Alabama!!

Loved It!!
From my sidekick


Anita said...

Hammer u were great just as I remembered and even better. I was so happy that u did some of the new songs!!! What a treat.

I can't believe I missed out going to Smokey Bones, I've never eaten there, now that u have been there, I must go.

Wanted to hang out with u a little longer but really didn't know how appropiate that would be, so I, we didn't push the issue.

Can't wait for another Hammer show!!

The Prophets Cry said...

I am praying for you sir - Jesus Bless - are you still pastoring?

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William T said...


Checked out the pics posted on mchammerfan board ... They are awesome !! I am so jealous that you could go watch the show and go backstage to chat with Hammer.

Did you shoot any video clips ? Please also post the onstage pics even though they are not good enough.

Anita said...

Hey williamt, No I did not record the show. The onstage pics aren't great at all. I was far right of the stage so I only got to see Hammer when he actually came to the edge of the stage or over to our side, but they did have big screens out for us to see. But all of those pics came out too dark, u can't even tell who Hammer is. Wasn't enough light I guess.


ameshkin said...

Hey Hammer! I was wondering if you would speak to me about the recordings you made with Tupac!!!

Amir.meshkin AT

I would love to hear from you.

William T said...


It's okay. Thanks for telling us about the Hammer Show. I appreciate your effort in starting up the fan board for Hammer.

William T

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davidcwelker said...

hello MC. i'm a pastor and missionary. i've always appreciated artists who dont live in whats typically referred to as the "christian ghetto".
yeah, i noticed the cigar. i enjoy a fine cigar once in awhile. i'd recommend puros indios... a really smooth smoke (no, i don't inhale either). excalibur 1's aren't bad either. got a preference of your own ?

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