Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pump it up!!!

Jeremiah helping Dad after football practice.
Team work.
From my sidekick


Stara Novalja said...

Very nice blog.

Anita said...

Pump it, Pump it, Pump it, Pump it!!!!

Good to be able to spend whatever time with your family that u can.


anonymous said...

hammer, all i'm sayin is.. "dont hurt em!"

check em!

Praise Chapel OC said...


Love your blog. I wish you were doing either some audio posts from your sidekick or even a podcast.

You can use audio blog or others to record posts
from the cell and it will automatically
post on Blogger if you map it.

May The Lord bless the Ham-Fam"!


William T said...


Hey they say one shouldn't use the mobile at the gas station. :P


North said...

Dear MC, nice to see another recent post; how do you find time to do "everything!!?" smiles....

Gosh, Jeremiah looks like he's grown a few inch's since school ended!! Must be the summer sun, making him grow nice and tall!!

Absolutely commend you MC< on the hands-on Dad-role you emmulate so very wonderfully on your blog, with your family.

Big Ups, and keep safe in the storms...I hear there's nasty hurricanes on the loose!


Ava said...

What a handsome boy! Looks like he's having fun helping out at the pump.

Great picture.


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HappyPuppy said...

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anonymous said...

hammer, please hurt 'em.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I came over from Ava's site. Jeremiah is a cute little fella...and I'm glad to hear that he helps his dad.

North said...

Dear MC< haven't blogged here in a while.. I sure hope all is ok with little Sammy?

Please, pop in, so your fans can see you are A-OK?

Some of us DO worry on ya, you know...!!

I KNOW, you must be exhausted, having just finished your film, let me or SMT(KelleyJ) know, if you are into the LiveCast spot as man of the hour : )

With Loving Kindness,

cFPdieQt said...

Good blog!

Jason said...

Holy Cow, even MC Hammer gets spam in his blog. Sorry man!

Just found your site, it's nice to see some first hand info about you. Take it easy.


elpcmaster said...

I noticed is not linked to your blog. I hope you are the owner to this domain name. I am so happy to find your new official website. I really enjoyed listening to your music as a child. I hope your children can one day achieve your success. That would be awesome.

Bunnierich said...

I watched your story tonight. I miss your music and wonder when will you let your fans know you are still around. I have always respected you for helping your friends. I wish your web site was working. I still think you are, TOO LEGIT!

Bunnierich said...

Jeremiah is a hansome young man!
How was Sammy's birthday?
The family looks great, GOD did truely bless you Hammer!

Moutaz Haddara said...

Hey MC, I am glad that you are still around your fans! I see on your profile that you have been to Egypt! was it on tour or just tourism? You have no idea how popular your songs in Egypt. Everybody knows "Too Legit" and "You can't touch this" you could here it in every driving by car when it was released. God bless you.

Luther J. Smith said...

Just nice to see you doing your thing and keeping your family close i was peeved back in the days with the hating on you nowadays everyone is doing it hammer like Funny huhh! Ice cube doing movies kiddie movies especially bring the dance back to hip-hop we all don't want to just lean back with a thumb up our noses
we want to dance man Stay cool if 2-pac had your back me too
Peace from the 313 king Lou Smith

James Baker said...

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thong said...

Mr. Hammer, keep it going man. Hope you're doing well.

Just Remember, Sammy Sells! said...

Hey Mc Hammer,

Good to see you are still out there trying to improve!!!

Best of Luck God Bless..

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North said...

Dear MC, wow! This is the first time in almost a year, I have not seen you post something in such a long time?

Now, we diligent MC-blog fans of the past year, are b'ing worry'in on ya ...

Let us know you and the fam are A-ok... or how about a big UPS for Bonds achievement? woooohOOo.. go Barry, go Barry...

Missin' ya'll,

Mike said...

Good to see you're doing well Hammer. Keep up those great beats.

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Zammataro said...

i'm francesco and i live in italy!
i and my best friend alessandro love your music, you're the king of rap!
you're child is very nice and you're car so huge!


Money Pays The Rent said...

Hammer you are blessed to have such a great family!

CoolDude72 said...

yeah you are. It is nice to see you enjoying your life. and stuff ya know? Well I guess you would, it is your life! Haha. Later Hammer!

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