Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Itunes today!!!

I'm in LA working on the Look3X digital album release. This hotel is
tight! Wireless around the pool! I'm on my laptop, taking calls and
sending emails! Hotel Roosevelt. Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, etc... The
legends did it big here. The first new song from my new album went on
sale today at Itunes. I'm celebrating! This is the first step of many to
come as I launch the Look Movement. I won't those who support what I
stand for, (Love and entertainment) to go and buy the single. It's 99
cents. I care more about the "symbolic" and the thought behind the
support (Love Peace Family). Back to work.

From my sidekick


Kingpin L W said...

The hotel looks beautifull. It must be a distraction having to work there!.
All the best with the album Hammer.

Off the Grid said...

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

No seriously, why do you have a blog?

MC Hammer said...

Blogging is a great communications tool.
Read my post from day one and you may understand. it's all about being human.

William T said...

Hammer, itunes sucks ... I wanna buy the song immediately but they only allow people in America to buy ... hey I am from Hong Kong ...

What should I do ?

blue2k2 said...

Hey, I havn't listened to any of your new music yet, I just found this blog earlier today, I will definitely check out your new music though. My last name is Hammer btw...and lots of people remind me about you, when they hear my last name. My dad tried to name me sludge and stuff, but my mom wouldn't let him...I don't know if your dad ever tried that...

William T said...

hi blue2k2,

try www.myspace.com/mchammer to hear the new jams !!

blue2k2 said...

I decided to come back to check to see if anything happened...thanks for the link.

Marc said...

Bought the single today, I love it! Congrats, can't wait until the 4th of July!

homewrecker said...

this is awesome. hammer you continue to innovate in 2006. i always wanted to see a payperview dance showdown between you and michael jackson. retro is king and people are still trying to get this music from that era, it's hard to find now..i think europe would receive a new tour before america does america is closeminded. man i wish rick james was still here you couldve done a sequel..dont know if you are still with your old crew but i'd like to see a new era and revisit with oaktown 357, b angie b, too big mc and deion sanders and these over the top production like pumps and a bump.. hammer the time is now for a new sound and a new style in 2006-2007..MTV is squeezing southern rap to the last drop, pushing it past the saturation point..the atl scene crunk style is being overhyped and will soon be dehydrated. RETRO is the next hope of hip hop. WE NEED RETRO NOW!!! maybe if you toured with ice since you both did the surreal life? a hmamer/ice tour, man i just wish you guys would drop something to rescue us from these lame acts today..something, anything..

the "u cant touch this" vid is a definitive 90s image.. man if rick james was still here you coulda done a sequel..Retro is still king, hammer! know that, because the corporations know they got nothing fresh anymore. keep it going, were out here for you we need a new hit and a new defining video for the 2000s... or maybe you vs. vanilla ice at the superbowl halftime show! turn this mutha out!! When the hammer is steppin' the world is watching! im buying the single today peace

Timothy said...

Thanks for supporting Justin Lin and helping him to get Fast and Furious 3 done.

TIMtation said...

Yo Hammer i got that hot new joint off Itunez chillin on my iPod right now!

Jennie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennie said...

Hey Hammer,

Just an ol fan wishing you positive chi for the up comming album. I just watched the vh1 movie about you today and thought I would look you up. I Came across your blog and so here I am. Just wanted to let you know that you were my first concert! I saw you in Sacramento when you toured with TLC, Jodecy, and Boys 2 Men. I remember playing your first album when I was about 14. I got my brother hooked on Have You Seen Her. We lived in the projects there in Del Paso Heights. I remember one day I bought out my boom box and we played your album. We drew all kinds of people out with it. I think we had almost every kid on the block out there dancing to it! Good times!

You and your family are beautiful! Your an inspiration to many! Good Luck Hammer!!

I live in Tracy too btw What do you see in this place? Maybe one day I'll run into you in our local Wa-mart..lol I hear you go there sometimes.

Much Love and Light! Jennie

nicole said...

Wow, REALLY nice place!! And congratulations on your new spot on iTunes! :)

Anonymous said...

Cool.. KD has a link to your blog. I'll give him the heads up on your myspace. Do ur thang

Ava said...

Congratulations, Hammer. I am excited with you.

North said...

Dear MC<- May the sale of this single, go through the roof!! When the CD is released July 4th<- may it just be a new beginning of many splendours to come for you this year.

All my best regards to you, the wife and kids. I hope you all have a great summer.


Rhonda said...

I wish you much success because you deserve it! You are the ULTIMATE dancer and a wonderful entertainer. I am ready for your next performance on the East Coast....you will shut it down!

Anita said...

Once again I can't wait 4 the Look Movement, either. So Hammer, the album is ONLY gonna be digital? It won't be sold in stores? Cause I'm just not that digital girl. I have no Ipod, and don't know how Itunes work.

I'm that old fashion girl who likes to have an official cd where I can play it my ride.

So my question, will you be releasing the new cd in stores???

Anonymous said...

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