Sunday, May 21, 2006

714: A Wonderful Life: Oakland Proud!!

I have been pulling for Barry from day one, to complete the mission and fulfill his destiny
as the Homerun King. It's so poetic that he would hit number 714 in the ball park
and city that I grew up in. I know every blade of grass on that field,
every spot of tobacco juice in the dug out and every taste of relish,
mustard and sauer kraut on the hotdogs. I know when the temperature will
drop to a cold winter breeze on a summer night and when the pop ups
change to homeruns from the bay winds. This is My house.

The Oakland Coliseum. The stomping grounds and heroics
of Mr. October (Reggie Jackson). Barry, thank you for blessing
my house. Perhaps a shadow of things to come. I'm so proud of the
Oakland A's fans. They showed class and respect as they honored
Barry with a standing ovation and a curtain call. The Bay Area.
We do our on thing and have our own thoughts. The historic
moment was received in the manner that all of baseball
should receive it. Number 714 hit in Oakland!
What a Wonderful Life indeed.
One bottle down, one to go.


doubleknot said...

I don't know if by the time this is read that Mr. Bonds may have hit 715. Sorry I just don't know too much about baseball except a little about our hometown team. Since everyone is so excited about Barry Bonds guess I better read up on him.

North said...

Sharing in your elation with you, MC!! Go Barry! Go Barry!


l. said...

Just a "hello" from Brazil, Mr. Hammer!

Truly said...

Great to see you blogging!! This is pretty sweet. I like the mothers day pictures, those are great!

Kingpin L W said...

What an awesome achievement. You did'nt say if you were there though Hammer?

Ace said...


I love you and we need to record together, but you know deep inside your Christian soul that the Angry mr.Bonds has really only hit around 600 legit homeruns.

Barry, Victor (yo still a young man) Conte, Greg Anderson, Marion Jones, all of them will stand at judgement day and explain to the Lord thy God how they abused their bodies with terrible AndroXXXXXXXXXXXXX . Not ZMA.

Barry has many Demons he's runnin with. He needs to find the Lord. Confess his drug use, and let Baseball get on.

I know that aint what you wanted to hear. But just ask your (and my) Christian friends like Mike Davis. He'll tell you.

Without Steroids, Barry is a Damn Good Player.
With Steroids, Barry is a Good player Damned.


Shane said...

Maybe Barry can play for the A's after he's done with the Giants.

Ace said...

No way, after flushing McGwire and Canseco out of the system, the A's have integrity. (unlike the Giants Organization) We'd rather have Ricky Henderson. ya baby.

EDDYBOY said...

Hey Hammer,

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