Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TimeSquare New York

From my sidekick


R2K said...

NY baby!

This life of mine said...

Never been to NY...or shall I say haven't been to NY yet. I'm a Cali girl - S.F. Bay Area. Would love to visit. The pics from your sidekick are really cool. I might have to invest in one of those. Okay, I don't even have a friggin' cell phone yet.

Contessa said...

You really love your sidekick don't ya? Don't feel bad, I love my tech things too! It's nice to see the City, haven't seen it since I moved last year!

BakaGaijin252 said...
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BakaGaijin252 said...

Hey, yo! This is Mista Baka G from KJ-52 forums. That pic is off the chain; I love NYC and it's so cool that you have a blog now.

I know this is off-topic, but two questions about your new album; is it gonna be gospel or mainstream hip-hop and are there gonna be any duets on it? Thanks!

God bless,

Soulfull said...

I just left from NY! Sorry I missed ya, LOL (Laugh Out Loud)! You're just reminding me that I really have no excuse not to get a sidekick, love the pictures!!

MC Hammer said...

The new album is what I consider the first complete hip hop album. Touching on dance, social issues,love and romance, and the inner man.

Yes Soulfull,
love my sidekick.

GreenLantern1973 said...

Hammer, you have a good eye for photography. Are you going to tour to support your new album & if so, when does the tour start? I have to reserve my space in the campout in front of the local venue line because I didn't get to see you back in the early 90's during the Can't Touch This & Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em tours. I have to thank you for the U Can't Touch This video. In junior year of High School in 1990, I was getting ready for the Junior Banquet when the juniors in our school unofficially become seniors & I had no current dance moves down but thanks to watching & studting U Can't Touch This on MTV in heavy rotation that afternoon, I learned enough moves from you to hurt 'em on the dance floor that night.

sherayzl said...

o oqfar hajvan je okuku lele...:))and beside that i didnt heard for you about 10-15 you are alive???
I used to be you litlle fan but now a will consider to buy your new album becouse i think that album is so much better then last one...Oh i cant remember what was name of album but i still remeber your soo beutiful songs..and i have a one question:can you plz if you have one cd and cd-player to give me becouse im pretty much poor.
Im from croatia we where breaking out of a civil war with many casueltis..
You cd will bring to us so much joy..And thnx you again hammer.

BakaGaijin252 said...

Wow, I can't believe *the* MC Hammer acknowledged my existence! Today is the best day of my life!

tuttied said...

praise the lord minister mc hammer it is a good thing that you are a man of god now.

.Ben. said...

I rock your socks off more than the NYC can even contest to this fact that I'm the bestest. Word up to the MC.

Angelia said...

Alright for real Hammer, is that a regular side kick or a Hammer Special? I have never seen pix this good from a sidekick, send a sista the model number, I need to update my phone anyway. How many megapixels is it? Your pix are nice.

MC Hammer said...

I am 100% going to tour!!

MC Hammer said...

It's a regular sidekick! I just take my time and allow it to auto-focus.

Webvicious said...

Yo Hammer, nice blog. Are you into Hendrix at all? Check out my Jimi blog I think you wil dig it:

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