Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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BakaGaijin252 said...

I love looking at the sky and seeing it that way and thinking about it that way.

John Burkholder said...

The photos make me think of how the strength and fierceness of the wind and water dancing a slow waltz.

Preparing the earth for the dancing of tears.

Opening the flowers for the wealth of nourishment.


Cheri0 said...

So SURPRISED to find this tonite! Pleasant to hear "Hammer's" words too, poetic (as said himself!) LOL
THIS OLE G'ma just got gumption to publish some poems on a literary site. So surprised when editor picked some for his TOP 10! THANKS Hammer for showing me (again) the poet in YOURSELF.. and your INOVATION which I have always admired! WAY TO REACH THEM :)
GOD BLESS and oh such gorgeous KIDdOS!!

Don 'Lidzi said...


Looking at them clouds especially the onez with the glorious Light above and darkness below reminded me of the LORD when He made darkness His secret place; His pavilion round about Him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies as described in Psalm 18.
At the brightness, that was before Him His thick clouds passed, hail stones and coals of fire.

Kinda like when we're in desperate need of God's help, He rides on clouds of darkness, which only look dark from our vantage point BUT above them clouds rides the Most Sovereign to the rescue.
Faith sees beyond the darkness of the clouds thru to the Light above kinda like ur pictures. That's what came to my mind.

I guess, in a nutshell, even when it's dark and threatening, we shouldn't despair coz there's a champion to the rescue.

In God we trust
Don 'Lidzi

Joye said...

As it says in Romans 1, we are without an excuse for not believing in God, just look around at His creation. There are beauty and wonder all around us. Your blog is a wonderful way to reach people for the Lord, by the way!

P.S. This grandma has to agree with Cheri0, you have beautiful kiddos!! You are blessed indeed!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...
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cd said...

I love photography, especially of the sky!, When I look at these photos I think of the natural beauty our planet has to offer, and the stories the clouds tell! I have pictures of the sky up here in canada from last summer, check out my photo blog ! Blue Skies Photos

Olga Nunes said...
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Bryan "B-Money" Bradley said...

In each of those pictures, the clouds appear to tell us that what goes up must come down and visa versa.

There are bad times, but then times get better as well. In each of the pictures, there is a hint of brightness peaking down from behind the clouds. Perhaps the darkness that is about to go away symbolizes some of the bad times that the world has gone through (war, lacking economy, gas prices, etc).

The brightness, in each one of your pictures, might just indicate what is to come for us in terms of positive momentum for the world. For the earth.

Bryan "B-Money" Bradley said...

The clouds could also be providing a significant hint, one that is perhaps sadly overlooked by many, that there is something better for us in the next life, if we live right in this life.

Chelsea said...

I see the silver lining!

alyceclover said...

Good answer miz! I'm a cloud/sky watcher too. Guess I gave my answer in the previous post. Have you ever seen "Interview With God"?
Found a similar short Web film yesterday. It is filled with pictures of nature's beauty. I think you will like it, it's a blessing. Reading your earlier posts, about being the instrument of positive change, really want to share the blessing with you. (the creator of film asked us to do so)

Terence said...

Bless your sweet sweet soul MC Hammer. You have brought me countless hours of unbridled joy.

ButterflyInTheSpring said...

I like the first and last pictures. They say to me, "I am coming soon".

pizdato said...

kuku bluesman

kranki said...
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kranki said...

This is a Haiku I wrote for you Hammer.

Written by Krankiboy for MC Hammer

Title: The Almighty's Art

Celestial artwork
Captured by Hammer's keen eyes
God has signed his name

Hammer, I hope that you liked my poem. 2Legit-4-EVA!

High Power Rocketry said...

Lovvin it.


thorpie said...

Great Adam's Family soundtrack music mate, totally awsome! think i still have it on the 8 track!!
oh yeah great photo's

BornAgain5683 said...

I just finished watching the video(again) and noticed the heavy set guy in the white shirt doin his thang during the hook. He was really keeping up.

And to your son, Stanley Jr...
Where he get it from, he got it from his dad, how he git'n down, the way his daddy git'n down.

supermom_in_ny said...

The Clouds gathered in obedience to the storm. Their ominous presence was intended to strike fear, confusion and doubt on its victims. They used their gailing winds to attempt to wreak havoc on the ones that sought shelter. On and on they continued to howl to incite chaos, but there were a few that could not be moved.

Those few were the ones that had been through these storms of life. They had seen mighty winds and rains, but their faith was not shaken. They knew that at the given time a rainbow of promise would follow. Their God would once again raise the sun to shine. The clouds continued their barrage with the accompaniment of heavy rains, but in the end they parted and the light shined brightly. They were the survivors that would encourage, edify and inspire others to persevere and be triumphant.

This is the story of my life.

Be blessed...

Pablo said...

Greetings from England!
My favorite is the bottom one - the lighting is great. It's a beautiful and amazing world we live in.
Really enjoying your blog and pics.
Looks like you enjoy taking photo's, you should check out Photofriday - they have a theme each friday and you have to take a photo to represent it. This weeks theme is 'Technology'.

Rob Mackintosh said...

I saw somthing quite different in the clouds of the top picture. I am a fine artist, and I tend to think visually first. If you look just off center (to the right), and a little down from the top, there is a dog/wolf/bear face, highly detailed in the clouds. There are 3 other images as well in this amazing photo of yours Hammer.
I actually made up a special demo page to easily spot all of the images.—one of my demos uses an animate gif.

Check them out, I think you'll find it very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

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