Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Maggie said...

I am really surprise to see you having a blog. I luv the pics, any chance of hearing your new soundtrack.
BTW today is International woman day, you should link 5 women on your blog to celebrate.
You can start with my link.
Have a great week.

Chris said...

Hey Hammer,

Awesome to hear that everything is coming together with the new CD. I can't wait till it hits! Question for you, are you doing anything regarding DRM on the CD? Are you at all concerned with the P2P people out there? It would be cool to see an artist like yourself use Technolgy as your friend with your launch! The options go on forever! Who is your target audience going to be? I hyped!!

Keep up the hard work!
God Bless
Chris Boaz

n8ivwarrior said...

I have noticed that beef slows me down after I eat it. Do you notice you have more energy after stopping the beef and pork consumption?

I still have a hard time staying away from the Chicago Hot Dogs I am hungry!

Live well Hammer.

Chris said...

Portillo's Hot Dogs are the best!!

mazy said...

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Chris said...

Speaking of Portillo's, there is a deli in Manteca that has Portillo's beef! Mmmm

Great for the post work out hunger :)

Lunchbox Boombaye said...

Hi, Mr. Hammer. It's great seeing you are getting ready to launch a new cd. It's great that you are active in your fan base. I am a Bob Seger fan and I never hear from or about him.
Even with all the workouts, sometimes a nice long run helps out alot, too.
Thanks for keeping the faith and your music alive,

Lunchbox (boombaye)

R2K said...

I like the self portraits...

William T said...

Hammer, I am so glad that you are answering my question about diet. As your fan for 15 years+, this is truly fascinating !!! Words just can't explain how happy I am.

I look forward to your new album, your videos, everything. Please upload your videos here once they are ready (although i will certainly buy any DVD to support) ... Please also put some of your live performances in here so as to remind people how talented you are.

It's all Good !!

Online Degree said...

Love the pics.

William T said...

Guys check this out. Hammer's live performance at the Arsenio Hall Show.

shakespeare said...

I gotta thank William T for putting up that Arsenio Hall Clip. Hammer you and Prince used to shut that show down...I loved the performances. I still rep Hammer to this day...Hammer, I used to eat @ the rib joint right next to Diamond Ken's on San Pablo Ave, so you know it's nothin but love here...I live on the east coast now, but I'm glad to see you're still holding it down. Please please please someone put together a DVD of some live performances!!!!

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