Thursday, March 02, 2006

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Mike Dammann said...

Hammer, you've been nominated for Best Blog of the Month of March 2006.

You guys can vote if you like, but I must warn you: there are some really good blogs in the competition :)

R2K said...

Hehe ill go vote there too!


R2K said...

Oh, you didnt say it was on some random, empty forum :)

Mike Dammann said...

It's not empty.

Kay Richardson said...

Gotta love this blog, Hammer.
I'm an English actor - inspired by your good self. Yeah.

Timothy Holden said...


Georgiapeach said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MC Hammer said...

Someone has hacked my site and now are making comments on my behalf. Please disregard the evil racial comments. I will have this resolved immediately!!

Mark and MeLissa said...

I'm sure you noticed, but if not, I think they simply signed up for a blogger user name "mchammer" (without the space that yours has) based upon what I noticed when I clicked on the user name earlier. So, it looks like it is coming from you, but it isn't.

Hope this info helps you take care of this problem. It's sad that people can't find better uses of their energy...


Ian McGibboney said...

That happened to me before. We know that isn't you speaking, Hammer.

OneTreeHillfanatic12 said...

heyy wass sup pplz!!

Nathaniel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nathaniel said...


I just wanted to say that it is fascinating to read this blog. To be able to attach a soul, a true personality to what before was simply an icon, or a name we associated with a legendary phrase "Hammer Time!"

The things you post here are an inspiration to everyone. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and it's really quite surprising that the comments on your posts have managed to remain free of spam and adolescent gibberish, considering the fact that you are a hip-hop legend and all!

Peace out, man!

Wicked Cash said...

Hell Yeah! Its hammer Time.

Eric Case said...

Hi folks,

This is Eric from Blogger - please remember that any comments left by Hammer will link directly to his Blogger profile: You can mouse over the "MC Hammer" display name and you can see where Display Name profile links are pointing.

The 'i hate whites' comment above is someone impersonating Hammer, which is most unfortunate. You can tell it's not him because the link points to

If you notice any impersonation happening elsewhere on this blog, please point it out by leaving a comment, to let other commenters know!

Thanks for your help everyone,

Ryan said...

This audio post needed a cool dance track behind it, otherwise I think it is a hit.

All kidding aside, Great to see the Hammer is online, and there is more to the man than just the music.

fatrobot said...

Dear, MC Hammer
Are you related to Jan Hammer?
the MC seems to say you are irish or scottish
just curious
nice blog

Nathaniel said...


"MC Hammer" is not his real name.

His real name is Stanley Burrell.

Nölff said...

nice blog, nice pictures, nice text

mchammer said...

Sorry Hammer. I just had to put something to get noticed. To get replied to by you is an honor. Really. Let's do lunch.

SAHM of Color said...

I wonder if anyone has read the disclaimer this kind man has placed on the side bar...

I suggest that the owners and the association meet each other halfway. 58% isn't that much of a difference, is it?? I'm not a football fan, nor an economics major, but I did take the time to look the info up like you suggested.


Toni Namnath said...

Is your son in the video?

Pad said...

excelent blog hammer!
you're the man!
i've read most of it now.
i'm truly amazed.
i found it after doing searches when watching too legit.

keep up the good work..


Chris said...

Hammertime in '06

mchammer said...


I can't believe it's you. OMGOMGOMGOMG. Lovetime.

I'm a good writer. You should get me to write some songs for you. IT WOULD BE HAMMER REVIVED!


R2K said...

Hammer, just delete his comments lol...

You cant fix it, he has a similar name to you. Blogger wont change that even if you sue him. Just delete posts that offend you.


SaltShaker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SaltShaker said...

Hammer, I think it's really time you made a come-back. Maybe you should audition for American Idol and rap about your new come-back album or new reality tv show like the little version of the Bachelor Flava Fav has going on. If Flava Flav can do it, why can't you?

mchammer said...

But I love Hammer, and I'm a legit songwriter. I've performed on Canadian national TV, and am on a special singing with Rita MacNeil, Gary Beals, and Mavis Staples airing this year. I've already caused a 7X more response to your blog comments since I've been here! I'm gold.

n8ivwarrior said...

Hmm...I thought this was suppose to be a comment section pertaining to the audioblog. Well, hopefully, someone actually read this...

For the NFLPA to go on strike would be a big mistake for the players. When looking at the NHL negotiations, the players went on strike an entire season. Basically this was suicidal because after the owners and players finally came to an agreement, the amount of people attending the games and purchasing team goods has dropped dramatically.

With such a drop, that would mean the players would receive less money overall, with attendance dropping so much, and the players would receive less money than if they just kept playing with the same percentages. This also means that endorsement deals would drop as well, never mind the lost wages for the year.

Someone needs to wake them up and smell the doughnuts.


britney said...

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Brian said...


I hope this thing with the NFL doesn't work out so that my man Craig Nall gets a chance to play!


Sheep Face Killah

R2K said...

You mess with hammer, you mess with me. And when you mess with me, you mess wrong woadie.

Mike Dammann said...

It's so funny how people are in the limelight for years, and you never really get to know them (or at least think that you do), until they have a blog or something where they can share their opinions freely and without the editing the media does.

MC Hammer said...

Thanks Sahm,
U got me. NFL Talk!!

MC Hammer said...

Hey Pad,
appreciate you checking out all the blogs.

MC Hammer said...

Don't Hurt'em!

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