Thursday, March 02, 2006

NFL Talks End

The deadline to extend the collective bargain agreement is tonight at 12:01 am est. There seems to be several fundamental stumbling blocks in the players association proposal (according to commisioner Paul Tagliabue) that caused the owners to vote unanimously to end talks. With free agency starting Friday morning this impasse could drastically alter the NFL landscape this season. The players association are demanding 60% of the revenue sharing pool and the owners are offering 56.2%. The issues include, salary cap, revenue sharing from stadiums and tv contract etc.. Bloggers, research the issues and lets work this deal out for the league. Ths clock is ticking. I will forward our suggestions to the NFL, Gene Upshaw, and ESPN. No spell check on my sidekick.

From my sidekick


JLB said...

Hi MC Hammer! I know this doesn't have to do with the NFL, but did you hear about this, or get involved with it?

Pioneers of hip-hop happy to make history
By David Segal
The Washington Post

Ian McGibboney said...

Wow! I'm impressed that they get that high of a percentage to begin with. But ultimately, it is the players who make the league, so I can understand. After the Saints relocation fiasco in 2005, owners don't have the most leverage right now. Still, why can't the NFLPA and the owners compromise on a solid 58 percent? 58-42 seems like a decent split, especially if the alternative is a sequel to "The Replacements."

Shaun said...

I say they stick with the contract -- and renegotiate in 2008..

James Manning said...

You would think such a small percentage wouldn't make or break a deal. Especially with the NFL riding with the ratings. But greed is a powerful thing. I think the players are in the middle of an owners war. The revenue sharing is a larger issue than the salary cap. If they're smart, they'll split the revenue from TV and franchise deals and create a system to share portions of revenue generated by stadium deals.

I have a good idea. Divide the teams in to 5 categories as it pertains to revenue from stadium deals.

Every team will automatically keep what the lowest teams generates

Then each team will keep 70% of what they generate and the remaining will go into a pool.

The revenue will be split based on percentage associated with the team ranking in the five groups.

The top teams will split 10% of the pot

The second level wiil split 15% of the post.

The third level will split 20% of the post

The fourth level will split 25% of the pot

and the fifth level, the lowest earners will split 30% of the pot.

problem solved

MC Hammer said...

Keep the suggestions coming. you all our great.

GBall said...

All I gotta say is that Gene Upshaw shouldn't make any concessions. He gave the NFL everything years ago. There should be no salary cap, and the players do need more of the revenue sharing considering that their contracts aren't guaranteed anyway.

themoonsplit said...

Hey.. interesting blog. :)

Schleaf said...

Hammer, any chance of a concert in the near future, I'd pay anything to see you again, I've seen you twice and you were awesome both times.. You are the greatest rapper in history.. 2 Legit 2 quit!!!!

Drijfzand_NL said...

Hi Mr. Hammer. I'm your number one fan from Holland. Can you please explain to me what "HammerTime" is?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Hammertiem is a state of mind.

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Ryoga Vee said...

A sidekick, C'mon!
I figure you would have something a bitmore classy.
Oh well, it gets the job done.

nice to see yo have a blog
much love to ya and your fam

~ Ryoga

Mal said...

Hammer, did you see the SF Chron yesterday? The Raiders are in a world of hurt, like $27M over the cap. Maybe a strike will get BOTH the owners & players, & union to see that they are all GREEDY @$$holes playing a great game.

Sure, get your money while you can, but...

The reason the Raiders (& now the 49ers) dont sell out is cuz it is unaffordable to the common working man NFL FAN. Family of 4 will cost you over $300 for tickets, parking, food, etc.

Great blog! I'll be back!

Ian McGibboney said...

And as the Saints have shown, having the highest payroll in the league doesn't help for much. Even thought that's my team, it's good to know that you can't buy the perfect team in the NFL like you can in other sports. I like revenue sharing. Let's hope it continues.

And yes, I've always admired the Raiders for the way they conduct business. Al Davis is a controversial figure, but he isn't afraid to buck the other owners when he feels like he needs to.

Kevin Seegan said...

I love you M.C. Hammer!


StrangeNights said...

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ma'atology said...

I love your blog. Very well written. I'm an entertainment writer in the St. Louis area and I got a blog on blogspot as well. It is I dub it "out town" for being outside and reporting what I see when I go out. Check it out and let me know what you think!

MysticHeart said...

Given the money the players make on product endorsements and whatnot, I just don't see that they have any room to whine and complain. I'll never see the kind of cash in my entire life that these guys see in 6 months.

I dunno, maybe because I'm working class I'm a little cynical about these things. Must be nice to never, ever, ever worry about affording a roof over your head.

DA said...

"The players association are demanding 60% of the revenue sharing pool and the owners are offering 56.2%. "

All that comes to mind is, "I've got kids to feed!"

MC Hammer said...

Raider Talk is coming.

Ian McGibboney said...

I don't begrudge pro athletes for making the money that they do. They exhaust themselves 12 months a year and must deal with unbelievable personal discipline--not to mention that they also have to deal with legal loopholes and public scrutiny that most of us would never face and probably wouldn't pass if we did.

I worked with a college track team for seven years and was an athlete myself for years before that; I know how much effort it takes to play sports. What you see on gameday is about one percent of it. And if they make the big money, it's because people pay money to see them. Some players abuse that, sure, but most don't.

It's been said that sports would survive without owners because people like to play games. I agree. Owners serve a vital function, but 42 percent of the cut? I could handle it, even if it is generous.

I only wish we could similarly compensate teachers and other role models. They're the people making the real differences all over. But it's wrong to blame athletes for that.

MC Hammer said...

Well said Ian.

MC Hammer said...

I feel U!

Smoke said...

All Pro Players are just over paid babies. They cry when they dont get their way. So why not watch the minors or college teams because they play for pride not the money

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