Friday, March 24, 2006

Lady Of My Life

Today I celebrate the lady of my life.
The well that I draw my strength from.
The light of my spirit.
She is every color of joy.
She's the melody of my soul.
Never a wavering moment.
The calm in the middle of the storm.
She's the architect of integrity.
How many ways do I love thee.
There are not enough words in human language,
I love you more ways, than the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planets in the universe. You held me in your arms, fed me with dignity, never did I know the pain or shame of hunger. You walked and guided me through the roads, valleys and mountains of life. I know that God is missing an Angel, because he gave me you as my Mother. My soul dances because of you Mom. Forever will I dance. I have watched in awe, the beauty and grace of your dance of life. Happy Birthday Mother.

Your Dance Partner and Son


This life of mine said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. Enjoy the day and have a blessed weekend, Hammer. I know you're a praying man so would you please pray for my uncle. We haven't heard from him since the year began and the family's concerned. The streets of SF & Oaktown can be mean and we are worried.

I sent emails to KMEL & KBLX hoping they can help get the word out, but a little prayer would help.

Make sure your mom has a wonderful birthday and have a great weekend all.

nicole said...

Oh, that's so SWEET!!

She will definitely appreciate that tribute. And a very happy birthday to her! :)

(Wow, I'll definitely send a prayer out for you, This Life of Mine in the hopes that your uncle returns safe and sound!)

Berry said...

That is so sweet :-)

Diggatron said...

That's wonderful!

Listen to my band! It's good!

BakaGaijin252 said...

That's the most beautiful poem I've ever heard.

Ashburnite said...

wow...that's beautiful...I'm sure your mother will really appreciate that. Happy birthday MC Mom

North said...

Dear MC, what a lovely ode to your Mother!! I hope she has read her sons words in her honour : )

Where would men be, without Mom?

Nice reminder for us all, to love ours more, visit more, hug them more, and tell them "I Love You" more..

Thanks MC, you seem to stir the emotions of we blog-o-lites, with your inner beauty.


Big Heavy said...

Happy Birthday Stanley's Mom!!

Ava said...

That is beautiful!


doubleknot said...

The poem was so wonderful - it brought a tear to my eye. What a gift you have for expressing yourself.
Happy Birthday to your Mother.

Treasure said...

Pretty good, pretty good, Man. You write your memoir, and I'll edit for you. You could get an awesome advance from a big publishing house, and I could get a great entry on my Curriculum Vitae. After reading your "Thanks for the Memories" post and your poem, here, I'm gettin' a vision! Keep journaling and archiving your picturs, too. All this is great raw material for the memoir.

thomas said...

Happy Birthday mom Hammer god bless your family.Thomas

BE YOUR BEST said...

You and your mother are blessed to have each other. You are blessed because you let her know the contribution that's she's made in your life. Beautiful.

This life of mine said...

Just a note. My uncle has been found. Got a call over the weekend that he's alive in Doctors Hospital in San Pablo, Cali. For those of you that prayed for my family and I, thank you so much.

Me said...

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