Sunday, February 26, 2006

Father Son

From my sidekick


Tomleecee said...

Very nice blog! Its the first time I've seen a blog done by a real star. Not too sure about the baseball though - its not very popular in the UK so can't really relate to it!

Mark and MeLissa said...

Your photos are great, too. :)

What a handsome young man you have for a son! You can just feel the love between the two of you.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Mary said...

What do you think about the war on terror?

charlene said...

That is nice!! Through all the things we face in this world,it so good to see the private and blessed side of the love of a father and son. I "praise" you for being there for your son. So many african fathers need to see your blog page. Get a moment, please checkout mines. I'm tryig to be the first "soulqueen" of cakes and start a business somehow and bake them very well!!! Be Blessed!!!

charlene said...

Sorry, I quess is would help to leave my blog address!! :)

MC Hammer said...

the war on terror is a complex subject. Let me start by saying I am a veteran. Former Navy Man. Anti-submarine warfare. so I would not say a word against my brothers and sisters in the military. I support the troops.I tell you what, I will blog about my position when I have fully thought through how to express my feelings in this forum. Never giving the oppositon verbal ammunition to hurt my country.

Mark and MeLissa said...

Thank you! As the sister, niece and friend of several Navy Men (or their wives!), I appreciate that you're taking your time to answer re the war. I respect you so much for not just saying something off-the-cuff.

My admiration for you continues to grow...

Go Navy!


P.S. Should you have time and the desire, here is the link to our post regarding our visit to the USS Ronald Reagan which my brother served on until the end of Dec. There's a picture or two of my Uncle who was a career Sea Bee as well.

MC Hammer said...

thanks MeLissa. I'll check it out.

Ellen Stone said...

Are you actully mc hammer

R Sanchez said...

Your sons are so cute! I love that you have a blog! You seem like a great, down to earth guy.

morfel01 said...

Dan Guy said...

Handsome kid you have there!

themoonsplit said...

Your son is sooo cute! Mashallah! (God wills it)


Mae said...

You look really happy. I think this is awesome. When my son would do some of your dance moves, I never imagined that I would be leaving you comments on your blog about you and your son. So, thank you for giving me this opportunity.:)

Ziomal said...

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ebnavy said...

If i can still remember, were you in VP-47? I was in VP-9 at the time. Did you ever go to the base club at moffett on Monday and Thursday nights. I was there every week. Those were the days and I really didn't know you personally but i knew you just in passing. I was a AO2 Aircrew type and the only a few I must add and if I'm not mistaken you worked in supply. Take care and blog back. Also there is a site you may see a bunch of old shipmates you lost contact with. NCCS Eugene Bounchand

Anonymous said...

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