Sunday, February 26, 2006

Father Father Father

Love. There are so many degrees, levels and types of love. I love baseball, I love music, I love going to the movies, I love stimulated intellectual debate, I love women, and I love Oakland. In all these examples of love the word love can be replaced with other adjectives and still express my feelings. For example if I said, I'm a huge baseball fan, our I'm a film aficionado, or I'm a debate champion you could ascertain that to some degree I love these respective things. However, while it would be true that I love these things it still doesn't define this new level of love that I have discovered and had revealed to me.

To know love on this level is life changing. To know love like this is a secret corner under a palm tree with a slight wind on a lazy day. This type of love is made up of the thoughts and memories you have when your mother or father goes in for critical surgery and you don't know if they will come out alive. The way your heart feels when you need to say thank you one last time and you're not sure that you will have the chance. Even yet, this type of love is the way a man feels when he looks into his son's eyes and the way his son's eyes answer back unconditionally saying, "You are my hero and my friend, how I love you so dad." My wife and I are best friends and we express our love to one another often. But we both agree there is another level of love between the father and the son. When my son says, "Dad I love you," at that moment my heart is touched with the highest level of love known to man.

I was riding with my seven year old "son" one day taking him to breakfast because he loves it when I make time for him and I alone, our special time together. I looked over at him while we were at a stop light and he says," I love you dad". The feeling I got from his words prompted me to ask God,"what is this level of love that I feel between "my son" and me that blesses and yet weakens me so?" It blesses me so much that all I can think of is I never want to leave him or let him down or have this feeling go away. It weakens me because I can't fathom not having him in my life. God answered me and said, "It is the same level of love that I had for man and the reason that I became a son." A "son" is you in your purest form before the corruption and inequities of the world. In my greatest examples of love, I use the relationship between a father and a "son." I told Abraham whom I loved to sacrifice his "son" knowing that Abraham felt the same level of love for his "son" that you are feeling for yours and yet in obedience he went forward. It's the same level of love I allowed the angels who remained in Heaven and did not fall in Lucifer's rebellion to feel to for me (in the persona of Jesus) as a 'son' and watched in grief and horror as I called life out of my only "begotten son" that I may prove Satan a liar and yet open the doors for man to become the "sons" of God. I gave the example of the prodigal "son." The son that demanded his inheritance while his father was yet living and left his father and family and went out into the world and squandered his entire inheritance, while his brothers remained at home supporting their father and yet when the father saw his wayward rebellious "son" returning home while he was still a mile away his father said," kill the fatted calf and lets have a celebration for "my son" whom was lost has been found." Not only will we celebrate but I will also give him a brand new ring of "sonship" for "my son" who was lost is found.

This example is to show the unconditional supreme love between a father and a "son" and to help you better understand and appreciate the sacrifice I made when I sacrificed my only "begotten son" while it was in my sovereign power to over rule it all. I love man. It was at that moment that my heavenly father increased the portion of love in me to a new level.
With tears in my eyes I received his blessing and felt his pain. I now better understand the love and burden I have for my people because like my father I love man.


888 said...

You touch on many deep mysteries here. Yes, the Fall a central event.

Have you considered that Love is the whole purpose of Mankind? And you cannot have love without freedom- the picture of the Prodigal Son.

James Hounsell said...

Sorry to to play editor to such heartfelt comments, but I think you meant "fathom" instead of phantom. "It weakens me because I can't phantom not having him in my life".

Rhonda said...

What a life changing experience!

rainy said...

"...what is this level of love that I feel between "my son" and I that blesses and yet weakens me so?" it blesses me so much that all I can think of is I never want to leave him or let him down or have this feeling go away. It weakens me because I can't phantom not having him in my life..."

I never knew love until I had my daughter. And I completely understand what you say about the level of love you are speaking of. I feel it every single day.

My child is my gift.

Thanks for sharing your heart!

Mister Stevi B said...

It's sweet to see you bloggin'~ a meaningful expression of your heart. So obvious there is a deep spiritual dimension to your life and relationships. Thanking God for that! Blog on bro !!

Read This said...

You found the secret of life. Strange that people go their whole lives and never figure out what you have at a relatively young age. You are lucky, your son is lucky. God blessed you both, now bless him back.

Steve Goble said...

Cool post. One day I'll experience what you mean! :)


Feed tha Soul said...

Hammer this is why God made you. He made you to reveal more of Himself to us as He revealed Himself in His own son. What a disciple of Jesus to carry and live the message of John 15:12, This is my command...that you love.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Hammer we have seen you do this for your friends. Now we witness that unconditional, seed bearing love. As God the Father shared His love for/with His son with us.

Thank you!

And to Steve, your brothers are here and we do love you!

Unknown said...

This is really cool to see and your son is as handsome as you. lad to see true smiles on your faces!

Joe & Karen said...

I know the love of being a father. My wife gave birth to my son "Jack" last tuesday morning at 3:17 A.M.. He came out fighting and lived for a day and a half. My son left us the next day at 4:47 P.M. I loved being a Dad.


molly marine said...

It's amazing how after having children, you can see soo many things your parents told you and why they tried to protect you...just like the Father does for us each and every day

Anonymous said...

What an awesome testimony.

Gunnar Heinrich said...

Mr. Hammer, I wish for you and your son, a speedy return to prosperity.

Northbaywriter said...

Mr. Hammer, I just happened to mention you in my own blog and then yours caught my attention. Bless you and it's good to see you doing well.

FreeBeing said...

That touched deep. I need to get a mom to do a posting for me. I think we've all come so far from parenthood & that special kind of love. If we could just get back to that, the world would be better.

MC Hammer said...

James, thanks you are right on the typo.
thanks to everyone for all of your collective thoughts and comments.

ChristineMM said...

Thank you for writing about the important subject of parental love. Sadly, I think many American parents are disconnected and don't feel this love for their children. It hurts my heart to hear parents making negative statements about their children, such as one person I know who keeps telling everyone how she 'hates all children including her own'. She leaves me speechless when she comes out with that comment (which she says often).

I know what you are talking about regarding the deep and different kind of love that a parent has for a child, but am often treated by other parents or relatives as if I am strange for experiencing it.

The worst is when critical comments come from childless people who sometimes twist things around to say there is some problem within the adult which the child is a tool, such as for 'filling a void' within the parent. I try to shut out those naysayers and just live in the moment with my family because this is my reality and I don't know how much longer it will be this way, so I just roll with it and enjoy life each day.

thisdad said...

Yes you have it right there. The love between a father and his children allows him to be the hero he always wanted to be since his own childhood. I feel sad for a man who does not inspire through his behaviour and actions this kind of love in his children.

And for the man who creates with his children the happiness that spins this world, well, he has everything including the knowledge that he just made it to the top level as a human being. That is the highest summit you can achieve my friend. Anything less is not quite enough.

I think you can get it by being an adoptive father, a foster father, or even a 'community' father. But, if you are a man you have to find that father inside in order for you to ever know yourself, then you have to sustain it through all the good and bad times so that you can feel and be a complete man.

The world needs fathers who do not send their sons to war but who go with their sons to figure out the highest goals of humanity such as peace, love, unity, and having fun -pursue that happiness. A good father of a daughter is showing her a role model of how a real man can be - a real man, a father, is completely self-honest above anything, that is why his kids can learn to be truly happy.

Yongest Billionaire said...

Hi Mr. Hammer,

You and my Dad are a lot a like. His hugs, his love - When I look at my friends' Dads they don't have the time for ball, going to the park or racing the Underground on the PS2. Most of them are asleep on the couch, when I see them.

It looks like You and my dad share having the camera in reach, too.

I think Jesus play's a big role in having a good dad. The great dads that have him, not only as the Lord.....but have Jesus is a good friend ,too.

Visit my blog....if you have time

The Zs said...

Thanks for an amazing post and an amazing presentation of the good news - that God DOES love us and that throughout time He has always had a plan to have a personal love relationship with us.

Your son is precious! I have an 18 month old son, and it brings me undescribable joy to see him and his daddy together. It is definitelty a whole new level of love.

God Bless!

G~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
G~ said...

Awesome post, and very refreshing to read for this child of the 80's. *heh*

My 17yo ( ) found this after searching for a clip of Can't Touch This -- *smile* -- and he was awed too and sent it to me.

God bless you!!

butterfly said...

Hi, hello I red your blog and I think it's fantastic to have such a feeling of being parent of an angel. My daughter also was premature, she was born at 6 months, her weight was 970 grs. and her size 35 cms. We both have a miracle in our lifes, don't U think so?

I hope that you can read my blog - and also that you can read a blog named "Plegaria por los hijos" I wrote it in spanish, so if you can translate I can do for you.

This is a prayer giving thanks to God for our children, and also It's a prayer for those who doesn't have any type of consideration because we left them away.

God bless you and your family. The best wishes for you from a chilean fan. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And you can touch this!! (the heaven with both hands while you have your son in your heart)

Gabriela Tobar

lucy said...

good moring from the UK, Hammer.

The power, and it is power, that a parent or adult has over a child is total. We as adults or parents have the power to make or break them. In my opinion all a child needs to grow, is the love, attention, understanding and help from its parent, parents or guardian.

Hammer, you show yourself to be a very loving parent, a person who's children are given the chance to be themselves, the chance to grow and the chance to enjoy life. It is always humbling to see true partent / child love.

In my own little way, I write about my father in my blog and say

"...My father was a monster to me, a bully and abuser, both physically (discipline wise) and mentally.... I said, he was very good looking, and being tall, dark, handsome and very rich, females were attracted to him like flies to shit. He had a miriad of mistresses all over the place, women fell at his feet and would offer themselves to him, no matter what his treatment of them was like. He was very, very dominant and liked his women to be totally submissive, never questioning him on anything, his control over mummy was total. She wore what he told her to, cut her hair as he wanted, walked just behind him and never, ever interupted him if he was talking. If she did, her life for the next week or two was soul destroying.

As a child I observed this behaviour, as a child I learned very quickly how not to upset him, as a child I became submissive, as a child I became ill, as a child I had bipolar disorder, which wasn't actually diagnosed until I was in my 19th year. As a child I hated Daddy, hated him with the scary passion only a child can have, surrounded by dreams of how to destroy her father, how to kill the man he was, how to save herself from the madness that he was inflicting on her, how to live and survive. As a child I wanted my daddy to love me, hold me, tell me that it was okay. Not once did that happen, I hate him for that.

I did survive, I still have bipolar disorder, I am still submissive and I still hate my father and will never, ever forgive him for what he did.

I hope he isnt R.I.P, and that the demons of his hell are tormenting him forever."

Again, I say that is is a very humbling experience to see someone write so passionately about their child, who shows true feelings and understanding or parenthood....

and for that I thank you.



North said...

MC, you said: "A "son" is you in your purest form before the corruption and inequities of the world. In my greatest examples of love, I use the relationship between a father and a "son."

parent-love...there is no pandora's box is purness and innocence personified.

I enjoyed the read into your heart MC...and agree that the love we have for our child, is our immortal beloved,,,from God.

You are a bright light MC; for parenthood...May God continue to smile upon you with great favour!


Julie said...

I'm glad I found your blog, I like your writing. I really liked this post. I've been a fan of yours for a long time, I used to work at a record store in 1989 in California around the time you first hit the scene. Now my 11 year old son hears "U Can't Touch This" on the radio and we sing along. Bridging the generation gap. Thanks.

Sonny Metcalfe said...

I understand. I can't give up either. Only God and a few faithfuls recognize your importance to the scheme of things. The way we look at concerts, the spiritualality that Kirk Franklin brings with his high energy, and the cantor heard in Conyae West were all spawnwd by you,. If nobody else recognizes that, I do. Like Jackie Robinson was to Basebal, and Ali was to Boxing, you are a ground breaker.

Unknown said...

It would be a better world if all fathers and sons could have such a relationship as you and your son have. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for blessing me with your words.

stepheneve said...

You know what I love/d...Humps and Bumps, what a tune..Best thing you or Teddy Riley ever did

MistysBlue said...

I am from Louisiana and knowing and seeing the tragic and dispare of all whom have lost during the hits from hurrican Kitrina and Rita . I would like to say THANKS for the support . I am a begining photographer and I have captured some shots of the after math of the Bon Care' spillway which is right on the out skirts of New Orleans awsome I will treasure it for life knowing there is always clam after the storm !Continue to be blessed!.....Misty Blue

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I lost my father last year to diabetes complications. I miss him a lot and I will always love him so much. I think I never even fully realized how much I love Dad until he was gone.

In my tradition, it is appropriate to offer some kind of sacrifice (usually a bottle of wine or some such) to the Gods and the ancestors when blessings come your way. After Dad died, I received what to me is a sizeable inheritance. It represents to me the family torch being passed from my grandparents to him to me. It's a huge responsibility indeed, and that's why it's proper to acknowledge it in a rite of sacrifice. After all, every one of our ancestors who came before us made sacrifices so we can be who we are and where we are today. And everything we do now, will affect future generations like your son's.

It's some really intense food for thought.

Eva A. Wright said...

Being a father is a special gift that too few men can appreciate, it is good to see a man enjoy having a close relationship with his children.

Mitchell Scott said...

Great writing. I love this blog. God bless.

MC Hammer said...

thank U for your thoughts and my prayers for you concerning the lost of your dad. May his memory bring you great comfort in the years to come.

kdoll aka *~Puzzle~* said...

God Bless you MC. I'm a teenager and through reading your post you've encouraged me that there is no other way then through God. Thanks MC.

nulltime said...

God bless you Hammer, your faith is a real encouragement and inspiration to me and so many others. You have the real treasure that came before your fame and remains regardless of what circumstances the world brings you...shine that light my brother...bless you and your beautiful family...peace.

M. Akamau said...

Beautifully said.


Yorkali said...

There is so much I want to say, muxh has been said already. But I will keep it to one line. Your life is a living testament to the power of Jesus Christ if we open our hearts and our lives to him. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Great writing, penetrating words.

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