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Monday, October 27, 2008

BLAST24: Jennifer Hudson.. Love You

The senseless evil acts that have been committed by this agent of darkness, that lives and dwells in our community and is hosted by jealous and envious minds must be driven out of our community by the power of Prayer and the pleading of the Blood Of Jesus. Nothing that is natural will explain or justify our collective condition as a community. However, it is a reflection of the continuous violent, hopeless condition of inner city America. A Family has been sacrificed and we must not let their deaths be in vain. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what can I do to help remedy the diagnosed sick, hopeless oppressed and afflicted minds within our community. Just as "hope" returned and change is on the horizon, evil has manifested itself to steal the peoples joy. The Hudson Family is our Family and our Family is under attack as a symbol of the continued "bondage of the spirit" that plagues the children of the descendants of slaves who have lost hope and abandon God. Only a Godless mind could take the life of an innocent child. Satan we rebuke you in the name of Jesus.

We must all reach out and hold up the Hudson Family. This is a dark hour. Jennifer we love you. Please understand that this is not in any shape, form or fashion your or your sisters, or your families fault. The responsibility falls on our (Americas) collective shoulders. Conditions and environment shape the character of the people. Everyone can't survive the never ending cycle of poverty, death, incarceration, unemployment, poverty, death, incarceration, unemployment and again death, poverty, incarceration and unemployment unscathed. Some lose it completely, invite evil in through the door of despair but are without excuse. While I march towards the polls with a heavy heart for The Hudson's next week, Praying for a miracle, The moment will be bitter sweet because I will shed tears for our struggle as a people (America), celebrate how far we have come (America) and be reminded by this horrible tragedy of how far "WE"(The Black Community) have to go. We must learn to love ourselves again and respect precious life.

Father, I humbly approach your throne of Grace. I enter your Presence with Thanksgiving. I ask your forgiveness of my sins and iniquities. I lift up The Hudson Family before you and ask that you give them strength. Send a wind of Peace upon them. Send Comfort for their hearts.For this moment and such a time as this was Christ crucified, that he may send the Comforter. Comfort The Hudson Family and catch and store every tear and return every drop to the inner chambers of their hearts with Agape love. I Pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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BLAST24: Music

Beyonce...Great her!!!