Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Big O! Oscar Robertson Charity Golf Tournament

I had a great time this past weekend at the Oscar Robinson charity Golf tournament. I really enjoyed being able to have extended quality time at dinner with The Big O, Wayne Embry, Campy Russell and other legends as we discussed the years and generations past and applied the experience and wisdom to today's generation. The past down was invaluable over a dinner of steak and lobster (Ruby's at the Belterra) and later at a cigar side chat, "I don't inhale!", never smoked but love holding a cigar and if the deal is right, we light!! When you see me with my cigar that means I'm thinking real hard!

Oscar is a class act and the greatest ever! We were entertained by Brian McKnight in a flawless performance as he painted the night with his awe inspiring vocal gifts. Next year I'm performing and bringing the full Hammer show and I'm looking forward to it.