Saturday, March 18, 2006

Play Ball!!

Jeremiah's opening day. This is a family tradition. March through May
the boys play baseball. I make sure that I keep it fun for them. No
pressure. Just pay attention and respect and appreciate your coaches.
Have fun with your teammates. Jeremiah is the first one up on Saturday
mornings, eager and ready to go. His coach Kevin is the best. He loves
the kids and he knows the game. I get to sit back, eat sunflower seeds,
drimk water and enjoy the beautiful weather. A slice of Heaven. When my
kids are happy I'm happy.
From my sidekick


nicole said...

Aww, that's so cute! I'm glad he's having fun on a Saturday. :)

BakaGaijin252 said...

You have sweet kids, Hammer!

DOD Fire Fighter said...

That reminds me my nephue had baseball try outs today. Thanks for reminding me. I'll give him a call.

n8ivwarrior said...

The heavenly part of it, is being with the kids.

KlingonWoman said...

Hey Hammer, I'm so happy to have found your blog. I was and remain a fan who admires your talent, devotion to family and true spirit of being a gentleman!

Very nice photographs. Photography is my hobby and I love seeing what other people capture. Very nice family shots.

North said...

Go Jeremiah, go!!

Go Dad, go!!


There is no better thing, in this whole world, than the love given to parents, from one simple look, from their child!

ONE smile; can melt a cold heart.

ONE tear; can part the narrowest view.

ONE giggle; can perpetuate more!

Automaticly reminds us adults; about the power of innocence, love and ultimately; that fun is a primary "stress-reliever" and laughter, the best medicine!!

Your kids, are very fortunate ones; to have great, active parents in their lives!!

Bravo, Kudos, and doing a curtsey for ya's.

I'm the same kinda Mom, and there is nothing in this world; that can compare with our kids!


Big Heavy said...

You Da Man Hamma!!

MC Hammer said...

Thank U all.

Dod fire fighter are U still In Iraq?

Gringo said...

That's the right attitude to have. Your kid can learn a lot from baseball, and as a parent, you're taking the right approach by telling him to listen to the coach, try hard, and have fun. Eat those seeds and here's hoping you get to applaud a lot of home runs for your boy!

mchammer said...

Well, he knows I can buy the chump coach. Haha. Money talks.

mchammer said...

I am the HAMMER!

mchammer said...

I like salad. Anyone else?

The_Aitch said...

Man, I hear you there with keepin it fun and smiles. My husband's dad is a retired high school teacher and baseball coach. of course my husband HAD to play. Was forced into basbeall camps, workouts, all that jazz. It took up all his free time. He soon started to hate it. He learned to never force his kid into something he isn't fond of. For the longest time my husband hated baseball.

That was a long time ago though.

Go Mariners!

And yeah, salad is good. Who doesn't like salad?

Sonny Metcalfe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sonny Metcalfe said...

Coaching and Managing is something that I miss a lot. After I got out of the Military, I stayed for a while in Northern Virginia. I use to coach little league and Babe Ruth in Baileys' Cross Roads, Virgina. Baseball was a big thing in VA when I was there. The kids always tried to keep it fun but some of the parents got a little too serious at times. But we all lived through it and learned a lot not only about the game but a little bit about each other human nature.

DOD Fire Fighter said...


Yes sir, I'm in the "Green Zone" in Baghdad as I type this.

Valerie said...

Sounds like you and the boys had fun. Glad you have taught them to just have fun with it.

Diggatron said...

That's great! I'm so excited for the baseball season to start. I love it!

Check out my band!

North said...

Dear DOD FireFighter!!

God Bless YOU and your comrades; and keep each of you safe!

I have a friend, whom served in the Falklands; an uncle whom went deaf(walked beside the tanks with flamethrower) in Korea; worked with a vet from Nam...'s a shame there has to be war; but, when there is, God Bless, the courage of the men and women; willing to lay down their lives for us.

Dear MC, I love salad, and so does my son(17)... I like to toss in cashew or almonds; and left-over chicken! Try diced apples, or oranges/melon! diced cheddar, raisins....OOoh I'm getting hungry!! Try some of them salad-sprinkles(lemon/herb) and release the need for fatenning dressings!


MC Hammer said...

The last three comments are not me but from the identity theif. there is no space between MC and Hammer. Sorry everyone. I wil do my best to saty on top of this. However,I need your help to kinda watchout as well.

thomas said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
thomas said...

IF you come in Rome say me.
Thank's man

thomas said...

Ciao Stanley,how are you?
It 's impossible for me think that you re answer me. When you come in italy in 1990 in Milan i was too young but for me you was an hero.
Thank's man.

thomas said...

Sorry can i have something photo with personal autograph to me(Thomas is my real name)
You can send me to
Ristorante Ossidiana
via gela 11 Roma, ITALIA.
I have a restaurant so when you come in Rome you are my host.

kranki said...

Thomas I think you mean to say that you will be his host and he will be your guest.


Hopefully hammer's identity thief won't try and show up in Rome instead.

North said...

Dear DOD Firefighter, I tried to contact you from your blog; but your EM isn't activated.

On March 15th, a profile-interview was done of me; by a journalist.

Kavita Chhibber is owner/operator/journalist

I mentioned to her; a soldier posted on a blog I liked to visit. She seems interested to interview you!!

Just go to her site; and click on contact...I told her, I'd tell you to mention in your contact that "north sent me" and she'll know you are the one I was talking about.

MC hope you didn't mind I posted my profile link; but Kavita is a great journalist, who likes to profile unsung heroes, and triumphant stories of adversity.


Ian said...


...::[es]::... said...

Yo, MC what's happenen man?

MY names Eric, im 17
bout to be 18 the 26th

i dunno 4 sure if u even check this? but um yeah if you could,
check dis out
and tell me what u think.. plzzzzz!


MC Hammer said...

no problem North,
as U know I am a Vet and I support the troops. I've been trying to ask DOD if he was active.

thomas said...

Sorry my englisch is not good,
i'm italian, thank you kranki.

Princess Moyer said...

They look so cute out there on the field, my son is only two, but I'm sure he'll be out there soon.

North said...

Thanks, MC! : )

God Bless you and all vets!!

I was President this year, of the Legion Ladies Auxillary! I had to resign(Feb) 2 months shy of elections, due to some health probs.

Rememberance Day is a big day for our Legion; and we diligently, and with great love; commit ourselves to providing our local vets; with a great luncheon after the parade.

Last year, I was Executive, Chaplain and Sgt. at Arms.

A great organization; to commend our heroes around us in our communities!!

this past Christmas; to mark the end of "The Year of the Veteran" we hosted a huge Christmas Dinner, just for vets and their families. There was entertainment, etc.

The kind responses we recieved in cards, thanking us for our devotion to them; was enough to fill our hearts with joy, overfilled.

May God continue to Bless you, MC...


North said...

MC, if you haven't gotten your "Year of the Veteran" pin, email me, and I'd love to send you one!!


doubleknot said...

You recieve so many comments I almost don't want to over load you but just had to say how much I admire your parenting skills - we need many many more like you.
Enjoy your sunflower seeds.

Ebony Eyes Stl. said...

Awesome, way to have lil stan follow in dads foot steps. He looks like he having a really good time. This is QZ and Spank's Big brother.

britney said...

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thomas said...

Ciao Hammer man,
you know i'm a great fan of you,
one question:
why you don't do something song like 1990.
I know that the things change and the persons change.
But to return at the top of the world you must sing some fresh like hammer time.The world wait and pray that the dance machine comes back.
My respect;
Thomas from Rome

DOD Fire Fighter said...

I was in the Army national guard from 98 to 04. I work as a contract fire fighter in Iraq now for the Gov't. I've been in country for a year. if you want to get ahold of me.

I had to leave my blog behind because the contract I signed states that I will not blog while working here. Hope that clears some of the air.

Hammer thanks for emailing me back. I have everything I need however if we ever take up another blanket drive for the Iraqi kids maybe you could mention it on a blog post. I'll get some details and i'll be in touch. God bless.

North said...

Dear DOD, thanks, and God Bless your courage to do what you do!!

Will contact Kavita asap; and get the ball rolling.

My friend that served in the Falklands-had to forfeit many films and pictures that had to undergo security scrutiny. He had many of "air/ship-battle" on the seas... I saw some lesser-degree pics he was allowed to keep.

surreal, is all I can find a suiting word.

DOD-i got a newspaper clipping of me; as I presented a long speech at the first-anniversary of 9-11. in front of our town fire-hall.

I lost a friend(Q-B) in one of the towers. I paid special tribute to the firefighters in what they do for "us." and after the ceremony; they stood in line, to hug me personally! I laid a candle and flowers... I thanked them, and that it gave me a deep; profound comfort knowing; that a firefighter was probably with her as the building crumbled beneath their feet, holding her and others in his big arms."

God Bless our Heroes!!


Shawn said...

Enjoy it Hammer. This kids grow up so fast. When those days are gone, you'll definitely miss them. My son is a junior in high school and pretty soon all his sports will be over, unless of course he decides to do college sports, which is what I'm hoping.

thomas said...

Hammer can i dance in your next video?? oh oh please?

thomas said...

Remember Hammer i wait your autograph! Please send me!!
If you come in Rome say me....

thomas said...

God bless your kids....

Butchieboy said...

When you comin' to Indy, Hammer? Let's get that tour rolling!

Online Degree said...

It's great that you spend that time with your kids.

(SR71)Atomica said...

Very precious! I like that!
Now THAT is what our youngsters should be experiencing...

Soulfull said...

Such beautiful kids and I just love the name Jeremiah, considering my son's name is also Jeremiah. LOL! GO Team! :)

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