Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Deep Clouds: What Do U Think The Clouds Are Saying?

From my sidekick


Maidy said...

The clouds are saying that Mother Nature is cranky.

This weather is too crazy for me. My little one and I are allergy sufferers and this goofy weather is kicking us in the backside.

BakaGaijin252 said...

Wow, that's pretty.

Chris said...

I feel like I am a kid again. The last cloud picture looks like the Space Shuttle from the bottom :)

North said...

Dear MC,

In the first picture, I see a giant butterfly!! The left and right are wings. The center is long, like a butterfly body!!

The picture at the bottom; looks like a cloudy-plane, going into the clouds! Can you see the tail-fin? lol

I see a glorious sunrises, or sunsets.

I see God playing with the sky...

and with his children below him, camera in hand, giggles on the lips!!


North said...

Hi Chris! I see we both got the "eye." I didn't look at responses first, so this is so cooL!


Ava said...

Looks like it's going to rain.

I don't know about your area, but in Illinois we really need the rain.

What do I see?

In the first picture I see the face of a cat. There are two areas of blue (the eyes), a blue are in the form of a "T" (the nose) and you can make out a mouth below the nose.

Ta da!!!


Ava said...

4th picture

I see the promise of a new day …
Good things yet to come …
That there is more to life than what happens today.
If you shut your eyes … you can feel it in your soul

3rd picture

you can stand alone and face it all …
you create your world …
have the faith to believe in it.

2nd picture
the earth is replenished with rain …
life is replenished …
hurts are mended …
you grow through your experiences

1st picture

The first picture seems a little dark to me …
Ponder what lies ahead …

I live in the part of Illinois/Missouri that was just hit with all of the tornados. This actually feels healing to me. While I wasn’t involved in the damage … my heart goes out to those who were.

I feel like I should share these pictures and words with them.


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

The fact that they're MOVING, says alot. It's like one of those revelations God sends you, in regards to your situation. Clouds pass, and your problems will too.

On another note, I miss being a kid, when we just laid in the grass and tried to identify forms. Even now, I find myself "cloudracing" while I'm out jogging.

I just love how God puts a lesson in er'rthang!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I completely agree with your ideas on the divine inspiration of the cloud formations, but I can definitely appreciate your point of view. My favorite of the photos is the third. Keep it up, man.

numinousforce said...

I think the clouds are saying "today is going to be a good day".

ylmurph said...

I think they're saying, "Hammer doesn't really have anything he wants to write today...maybe he should just post some pics"
or something like that...please hammer, don't hurt me

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Okay, you're gonna think I'm a couple of sammiches short of a picnic.... the 4th pic looks like an open-mouthed sock puppet with a wig on top.

BornAgain5683 said...

I can remember being a little girl and making out pictures in the clouds...

The first one looks like a father holding his newborn son, swaddled in a blanket, in the palm of his hands...

In the second picture, I see the palm tree as an african tribal dancer, dancing to the light of the evening sun...

The third picture shows the african tribal dancer taking a bow in salute to the evening sun...

And last, in the fourth picture I see a little bit of darkness but then there is a little tinge of light, which brings me to think of the phrase "you must go through the darkness to make it to the light" or in quoting Aretha Franklin "In order to get something, you gotta go through something..."

That is what I see Hammer.

Full-Blown Jew said...


I don't know what it is I see... maybe the contents of your burdgeoning comeback via the Blogger limelight?

It is beautiful.

- Full-Blown Jew

princessdominique said...

Whatever it says they're relaxing!

Andrew said...

Clouds are amazing!

CRT Law Mama said...

they're saying I need to be where you and the palm trees are.. the D is just too damn cold!

alyceclover said...

WAR! Ominous warnings! Great psychological tool. Think they mean it's going to rain.

One Christmas morning driving from El Segundo to Long Beach, saw a rainbow even tho' there wasn't a cloud in the sky, well maybe a few small puffy ones. No way there could be a rainbow. It hoovered 'round the area where my daughter lived. The song playing on the radio was Stevie Wonder's "Someday At Christmas" and I thought the rainbow was a sign from God, that, yes, someday, "no hungry children..."

PhotoGrafs said...

The cloud on the left says open up a stop
The right: I'll open you up.

clericalspecialist31 said...

I don't know, dude.....looks like ordinary clouds to me. Sorry, I'm practical by nature.

Lance Johnson said...

Personally, I think that clouds are God's way of saying, "Get inside, you moron, it's about to rain!" But that's just me. Nice pictures, by the way.

subbasement said...

I think the clouds are saying: "Watch out world because it's Hammer Time": Whooo-oh, Whoooo-oh, pick up the Hammer, Whoooo-oh, Whooooooo-oh, pick up the Hammer!!"

By the way, I like the new video I saw Hammer. I am glad that you are back on the track and doing your thing!

And of course, that old classic album with "Can't TOuch This", "Have you seen her", "Pray" etc. really influenced the hip-hop scene back in the day! Also, we can not forget: "Too Legit to Quit, HEY HEY!!"

Peace, Sub-B (YEAH, you know me!)

Andrew said...

Clouds are still awesome!

michelle said...

nice pictures..interpreting the clouds is subjective. its just nature imitating art and vice versa

High Power Rocketry said...

They are saying watch out: storm season is back.


PEPE said...

It looks like you have a seriously little hobby here Stanley. You might think of going to school and maybe explorer how far you could take it. Good luck!!

K. S. said...

"turn this mother out"

Online Degree said...

It's hard to interpret the clouds without a nice, warm patch of grass to lie on.... Seems more natural to watch clouds that way... but the pics are cool.

Gringo said...

Hi MC Hammer, one time I was roller skating at a skate rink and they played that song you made, and I was so excited that I started skating really fast and passed everyone on the skating rink! Then I started going too fast to stop because the rubber stopper thing on my skate had been worn down too much and I crashed into a wall and chipped my front tooth! What do you think about that?

Dorothy said...

I see a lion cub in the big cloud on the left in the first picture. The rest of the pictures are just good pictures of storm clouds to me. Thank you for giving us a glimps into the sky through your eye...Dorothy

Malaika said...

you should check out polkadot earth...

she is in love with clouds, and has some of the coolest pics. theres one with a flower that is really neat.

o said...

something about the glory of God, right?

Jena said...

I've been stopping in to read your blog every now and then for a few weeks now, but today I realized what a great photographer you are. Thanks for the pics!

rp said...

I know you're not a meterologist, but why are the bottoms of clouds usually flat, and not symmetrical to the top?

North said...

Dear Meeting Ryan; ooh, great question!! I often thought that too; but, not out loud per se...(smiles.)

I am "guessing" that this is the way it is; because of the ozone layer.

It must create a shelf-bottom?

clouds rest on that, I think?

Now, this is just my "guessing" as to the mystery. And, now that the Q has been asked; I would really like to know too!! : )


(SR71)Atomica said...

I have seen some interesting cloud formations in my time, one of them looked like an outline of the map of France, this happened some 17-18 years ago...

quotidian said...

howdy, m.c.!

really like this post - my favorite picture's the last one....really says a lot to me...


Lingo Slinger said...

i think they are saying:

"life is beautiful, precious, and should never be taken for granted. no matter how bad things are down there, the sun will shine again."

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