Friday, March 24, 2006

Birthday With Mom in Vegas

It's been a long day. It ends good ,with Mom and a movie. Inside Man!
Spike Lee and Denzel.
From my sidekick


freshbreath said...

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doubleknot said...

Wow are you a good son. Respect for our parents is a good thing and it looks like you have a loving kind mother - well look what she did with raising you.
I said Happy Birthday in another comment but I will repeat myself - Happy Birthday to your mother.

Very_Vera said...

Is this really you?
I am not so sure...

Ava said...

Looks like a nice birthday!

My son is in Vegas right now for the week.

He gets home Sunday. This was his first trip.


Bjornar Kjensli said...


Happy birthday to your mom. I went to the movies today too, saw The Weather man. It was hilarious, you should check it out.

DOD Fire Fighter said...

Hammer, when I get back from Iraq I'd like to go to Vegas. Can you recommend a great hotel for me to stay in?

Sonny Metcalfe said...

Happy Birthday!! to your Mom. I know she enjoyed herself

nicole said...

HAHA! If she's anything like my mother then I KNOW she had a ball in Vegas!

Happy Birthday to Mom and I wish her many, many more. :)

North said...

Nice birthday happenings for your Mom, MC!! Did you know, that Mom spelled upside down, spells wow"?

: ) my son showed me that, when he was little, learning it in school(I of course, was obvlivious to that fact; only b/c I was entirely enchanted with the delightful essence of his presence; in those big eyes of his-especially when he is happy-they dance!!)

And, of course, being a ma myself; I gleefully hold the title with great esteem(gentle smiles) and close to my heart.

Best wish's to your Mom.


William T said...


Happy Birthday to your mom. Wish her all the best !!!

William T

ant said...

Happy birthday to your mother, brother. Wish her many more!


thomas said...

My friend Hammer Happy birthday to your mother.
That's Great

Soulfull said...

Hey Hammer!

Just dropped in to say Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I'm sure you guys had a blast! :)

MaGaStYLe said...

Mc hammer !!!!


Wally Banners said...

Hey Bro miss ya man:)

Caridad said...

Hammer its cool to see your blog. I have seen you preach a couple of times too. Saw you on the site. The video were you go behind the scenes of youtube. So when you going to start posting some video? You can come by and check my video blog I will be updating soooon. Trying to figure out this new editing software.

God bless,

Paul Caridad Sanchez

animalfamily said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! you look like you have a really tight family, it's wonderful.

Nav said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. I like the picture of the New York New York hotel. Wife and I stayed at it in January for a few days. Good stuff.

My blog

Devinator said...


I just wanted you to know how much we all love you. What an incredible blessing you've been in my life. Your preaching is nothing short of fantastic and inspiring. Your music has been a consistent part of my life since the 80's. Thanks for everything.


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